Transform your Backyard into a Meditation Garden with These Tips

Do you envision traveling the world to serene places to find peace and feel relaxed? You are not alone.

Many of us believe traveling is the best and only option to unwind from daily stressors. We tend to forget that there is no place like home. 

Yes, you can get away from everyday stress in your home. You only need a meditation garden where you can release the tension and enjoy the peace you desire. 

Moreover, carving out a quiet space in the garden where you can relax, feel peaceful, and meditate is straightforward and affordable.

Here are simple tips on how to transform your backyard into a meditation garden you and your family will love. 

Envision your Peaceful Garden

Spend some quality time thinking about your ideal healing garden. Think about where you want to position it, the overall design, the objects, plants, and furniture you wish to incorporate. Your budget is a critical factor to consider at this point. That way, you will have an easy time creating a serene space in your yard. 

However, if you are unable to envision your perfect garden, seek inspiration from others. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see how your neighbors have designed their gardens. If you can’t find inspiration around you, search online. The internet is full of different garden design ideas that will inspire you to create your own.

Start with the Groundwork

The next step is to make your idea of a peaceful garden a reality. But before you can start incorporating elements, you must identify the perfect spot. It can be near your favorite swing, tree, or bench. If you already know where it is, start there. If not, find a comfortable zone for your seated position and sun salutations.

Although the area should not necessarily offer privacy, it should feel separate from the rest of the landscape. Make sure your space is separate from entertainment zones-hidden from distractions. You may consider curtains, bamboo fencing, or building a pergola on a deck. Whatever option you settle for, the key is to feel tranquil in your peace garden.

Work on the Surfaces

When designing the surface in your peace garden, factor in what will be underneath as you sit, walk, or rest. You want to feel comfortable in your seated position, as you walk and rest. Choose surfaces that are smooth, warm, and favorable in all senses. Stone, gravel, bricks, and pavers are ideal for making a pathway that leads to a seating area. 

For the seating area, make use of decorative concrete and set aside grassy spots where you can connect with nature without distractions. If grass, isn’t your favorite ground cover, opt for moss or other similar plants. Alternatively, you can place a yoga mat, hammock, or bench, depending on what makes you feel comfortable. 

Install Water Features

Escaping into serenity in your yard can be a challenge if you live in a noisy neighborhood. This is why you should incorporate a water feature in the garden. Besides adding beauty in your surroundings, water features have therapeutic benefits. The tranquil sounds of water drown unwanted noise hence calm the soul. You will also experience good moods because the flowing water in your garden promotes ionization and purifies the air. 

Soothe Your Soul with Therapeutic Plants

Plants have soothing scents you can enjoy, while you meditate or practice in your peace garden. Growing calm-inducing and attractive plants is a great way to get away from daily stressors. The scents of lavender, peppermint, or chamomile reduce anxiety and stress. 

You may also utilize an essential oil diffuser filled with aromatherapy oils to boost your senses. A mixture of water and herbs like witch hazel, lemon balm, peppermint, or garlic will not only improve your mood but also repel mosquitoes. Additional, the natural fragrance from these plants attracts native pollinators such as bees and butterflies to your garden, making it more attractive and peaceful. 

Add Sculptures or Art

Adding personalized art or sculptures will trigger positive thoughts and inspiration a level deeper than you can imagine. Some people find inspiration from sculptures like Buddha, and others find peace and joy in painting or simple elements like bird feeders. Placing statues in a well-cared garden creates a sense of positive energy and peace. Figure out what inspires you or lifts your spirit. It may be a statue, a piece of art, or gnome. Whatever it is that resonates with you, add it in the meditating garden. 

Spending time in a quiet space surrounded by nature is a perfect way to unwind. And when you choose to meditate, the health benefits experienced are numerous. Therefore, make your peace garden convenient-a serene place you can escape to any time right in your yard.  

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